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Hey there, folks, let me introduce you to something that's got me pretty fired up – the "Kragen" Limited Edition EDC Folding Pocket Knife, a sweet collaboration with Hang Tentacle.

Now, when we're talking about this blade, we're talking about absolute perfection. It's crafted from some top-of-the-line D2 steel, so not only is it razor-sharp, but it also rocks an octopus engraving on both sides. I'm telling you, each one of these knives is a work of art, and there are only 12 of each color (rifle green or bone). That makes them a real treasure for collectors, my friends.

When it comes to opening this bad boy up, it's a smooth operator. You've got yourself a flipper and thumb studs that make it a breeze to flick open. And thanks to those ceramic ball bearings, that blade glides like a dream, perfect for one-handed use.

Now, let's talk ruggedness. The Kragen is built tough, no doubt about it. With a G10 handle in OD green and some slick black PVD-coated hardware, it's not just sturdy, it's got style for days. It's that perfect blend of form and function, something you can rely on.

And in terms of portability, it's spot-on. It's got a deep pocket clip, and the blade measures 0.91 inches in width and 3.11 inches in length. That makes it just right for everyday carry, whether you're navigating the urban jungle or venturing into the great outdoors.

But here's the kicker – there are only 24 of these out there. Yep, you heard me right. A limited edition masterpiece. Once those 12 of each color are gone, they're gone for good. So if you want to own a piece of knife artistry, you better act fast.

What's in the Box

Knife, Limited edition Sticker, and Lanyard


Blade Steel: D2 60-61 HRC

Handle Material: G10


Blade Length: 3.17" | 8.1cm

Blade Thickness: 0.11" | 3mm

Open Length: 7.25" | 18.42cm

Closed Length: 4.2m" | 10.58mm

Handle Thickness: 0.5" | 12.8mm

Weight: 3.6oz. | 120g

Care Instructions

Don’t throw, pound, pry or chop with a knife. It’s not safe and if you damage the knife using it that way, it may void the warranty. Strong impact or twisting can also damage your knife or worse, cause an injury. If you have a locking blade, always check that the locking mechanism is in working order before you use it.

Store your knife in a dry place, out of the sheath. Lightly wipe the blade with clean oil two to three times a year to keep rust from starting. You may need to oil more often if you live near water.  Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life your knife.

If you find the metal has a blue, grey or black color, it is a sign of oxidation and a precursor of rust.  Stainless steel does not discolor easily. If you do notice a change in the color of the metal, clean it immediately. It’s a sign of rust waiting to happen. 

 Discoloration is common to non-stainless steel. But regular cleaning will keep the metal from rusting.

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