Get to Know Hang Tentacle: The Man Behind Kragen Illustration!

Get to Know Hang Tentacle: The Man Behind Kragen Illustration!

Known as Dr. Mike, he's not only the artistic mastermind behind the captivating octopus illustration on our "Kragen" knife but also the guy you'd want on your side in a bar fight or for rock-solid medical advice

Mike and I at our home gym, Elite Team Monterey

Mike's versatility is simply mind-boggling. One moment he's crafting intricate designs, and the next, he's grappling on the mats, all while maintaining his impressive medical career. It's as if he's got more skills up his sleeve than a magician at a kid's birthday party.

Now, when you gaze upon the "Kragen" and admire the sheer detail of that octopus, you'll realize that Mike's talents extend well beyond the world of scalpels and

stethoscopes. His attention to detail is so fine that he could spot a rogue paint fleck on a canvas in a sandstorm.


Dr. Mike



octo illustration

Oh, and did I mention he's also an avid surfer? Yes, you heard that right. When he's not designing, grappling, or doctoring, you'll find him deep in the pit of a barrel. Mike isn't just a master of many talents; he's the kind of all-around solid guy you'd want by your side in any situation.

hangin the the green room

And lastly, don't dilly-dally because "The Kragen" won't be around forever. This limited edition beauty is flying off the shelves faster than you can say "octo-knife." So, dive into the world of Hang Tentacle on the gram, where artistry, friendship, and adventure merge into a swirl of awesomeness.


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