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Rogue Rider

Rogue Rider

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Saddle up, adventurers! 🤠 Unveiling our new 2024 – the Rogue Rider T-shirt. This isn't just apparel; it's a proclamation. Featuring a bold cowboy skull donning a weathered hat, a symbol of untamed spirit and frontier grit. The arrow piercing through the hat signifies overcoming obstacles on your journey. Get ready to ride into the new year with rugged style and relentless determination. Join the ranks of the Rogue Riders – where every trail is a conquest, and every challenge is an opportunity. 

We're talking about a fabric that's built to handle the wild. We're looking at 4.5 ounces per square yard (or 7.5 ounces per linear yard up north in Canada), and it's all about that 100% ring spun cotton, coming at you with a sweet 30 singles count. Now, hold onto your hats, because we've got some variations in the mix:

Antique colors and Sport Grey – that's a solid 90% cotton and 10% polyester combo right there. We've got Heather colors and Bone and light blue, giving you that balanced 35% cotton and 65% polyester blend.

But let's talk fit, shall we? We're talking about a modern classic fit – it's like comfort and style decided to join forces. And the details, oh boy, the details – we're going non-topstitched, narrow width, rib collar. We've got your back with a taped neck and shoulders for that extra durability, because we know life can get a bit rough out there.

And when it comes to the finish line, we've got your sleeves and bottom hems double-needled – no shortcuts here. And if you're all about those tag-free vibes, you're in luck, because this bad boy comes with a tear away label.

Maintenance? Easy as pie. Give it a cold water bath and let it bask in the glory of low heat when it's drying time.

So there you have it, folks. These Soft Style Shirts with that classic logo are a perfect blend of rugged and comfortable, just like the wild places you love to explore. Get ready to rock your gear game with these babies. Stay wild, stay comfortable.

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