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The Bolt Writer

The Bolt Writer

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Introducing the Bolt Writer, a titanium ball pen that's compact, powerful, and ready to script your every idea. Crafted for those who appreciate the precision of a finely tuned instrument, this mini-sized EDC pocket pen is a statement of both style and functionality.

Measuring at just 84 mm and weighing a mere 4.5g, the Bolt Writer is designed to be your stealthy writing companion. The bolt-action mechanism adds a touch of tactility to your writing experience, making each note, sketch, or signature a deliberate and enjoyable act.

Equipped with a 0.7mm tip, this pen leaves a smooth trail of ink, and with two included black refills, you're prepared for an extended journey of words. Slip it into your pocket or clip it to your gear, the Bolt Writer is poised to be your constant creative ally, ready to script your thoughts wherever you go.

Precision, portability, and a touch of elegance — the Bolt Writer is not just a pen; it's a scribe's tool for the modern adventurer. Elevate your everyday writing experience with the Bolt Writer, the perfect fusion of form and function.

Care Instructions

• If you have a locking blade, always check that the locking mechanism is in working order.

• Store your knife in a dry place.

•Lightly wipe the blade with clean oil two to three times a year to keep rust from starting.

• Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life your knife.

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