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Introducing The_Wolf, a homage to the legendary Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction. Just like its namesake, this blade is lightning fast and prepared for any situation that comes your way. Despite its size, the Wolf  is surprisingly lightweight and designed for effortless everyday carry.

This exceptional folding knife showcases the innovative Assisted Opening mechanism, allowing for lightning-fast deployment with unrivaled speed. With just a flick of your finger, the blade springs into action, ready to assist you in any task or emergency. The Wolf ensures that you're always one step ahead, no matter the circumstances.

Crafted with precision, the Wolf features a liner lock mechanism, a ball bearing system, and a flipper for seamless operation and enhanced durability. The blade itself is forged from top-quality D2 steel, known for its outstanding hardness rating of 60-62HRC. This ensures exceptional edge retention, making it a reliable companion for any cutting or slicing needs you encounter.

With its sleek design and ergonomic construction, the Wolf provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control and maneuverability. Whether you're tackling everyday tasks or finding yourself in a critical situation, this knife is ready to rise to the occasion, delivering the reliability and performance you expect.


Blade Steel: D2 60-61 HRC

Handle Material: Micarta Compound


Blade Length: 3.58" | 9.0932cm

Blade Thickness: 0.12" | 0.3048cm

Open Length: 8.375" | 121.2725cm

Closed Length: 5" | 12.7cm

Handle Thickness: 0.5" | 1.27cm

Weight: 3.5oz. | 100g

Care Instructions


• If you have a locking blade, always check that the locking mechanism is in working order.

• Store your knife in a dry place.

•Lightly wipe the blade with clean oil two to three times a year to keep rust from starting.

• Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life your knife.

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