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Grit Knives

Ultralight Bear Tooth Grinding Rod

Ultralight Bear Tooth Grinding Rod

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The new Ultralight Bear Tooth Grinding Rod from Grit Knives is an innovative and convenient tool for sharpening your knives on the go. The rod is designed to be stored inside itself, making it compact and easy to carry with you on your outdoor adventures.

Crafted from a combination of tungsten carbide and ceramic, the rod is capable of sharpening even the toughest of blades. The unique Bear Tooth design of the rod allows it to effectively grip and grind the blade, making the sharpening process quick and easy.

The Ultralight Bear Tooth Grinding Rod is incredibly versatile, as it can be used to sharpen a wide variety of blades, including hunting knives, fishing knives, and even serrated edges. Whether you're out in the wild or just need to quickly sharpen a dull blade at home, this tool is the perfect solution.

Overall, the Ultralight Bear Tooth Grinding Rod from Grit Knives is a durable, lightweight, and compact tool that is sure to become an essential part of any outdoor enthusiast's gear collection. Its convenient storage design and high-quality sharpening capabilities make it an excellent choice for those who value both functionality and convenience.

Care Instructions

• If you have a locking blade, always check that the locking mechanism is in working order.

• Store your knife in a dry place.

•Lightly wipe the blade with clean oil two to three times a year to keep rust from starting.

• Cleaning and caring for your knife will maintain performance and enhance the life your knife.

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